Our primary activities include collaboration with an architect and general contractor on pre-and post-construction services, which consist of demolition and clean-up of each job site; general construction services, which entail all interior components (i.e. ceilings, doors, drywall, insulation, millwork); and carpentry subcontracting, which allows our customer to choose specific duties they would like us to perform. Other services we offer include project management and supervision, which relieves the customer of project completion and on-site managerial responsibilities.

Our project manager keeps in close contact with the client, offering progress updates as well as an outlet for questions and concerns the customer may have. We also take care of estimating and purchasing to ensure the right materials are selected and on site when needed, to avoid unnecessary delays.

Furthermore, we offer work order and purchase order management, which allows the customer several payment options with little or no paperwork, job cost reporting management to ensure there are no hidden fees or misspent money, and full accounting and administration services.

Not all of these services will be used during each job. Generally, larger jobs may require the use of more services due to the manpower necessary for a timely completion.